Emulsion Roof Coating

Emulsion Roof Coating

Our Team Has the Practice and Skill to Quickly Install an Asphalt Emulsion Roof Coating.

Roofing, metal, and masonry can benefit from the versatile and premium coating known as asphalt emulsion. No solvents are contained within the coating, which gets made from asphalt emulsified with water and bentonite clay. This coating applies wet and has no heat requirements. An emulsion coating displays premier water resistance, and will not corrode once dried. It also resists chemicals and corrosive fumes, and will never crack, sag, or liquefy under extreme conditions.

At Alpine Roofing Company, Inc., we stand as the local experts for the installation of an emulsion roof coating in Sparks, NV. We guarantee reliable, expert service when you contract us for this roof coating application. We believe in the effectiveness of emulsion roof coatings, and stand ready to bring their benefits to your commercial roof. To learn more or schedule service, call us today at 775.358.7663.

Benefits of an Emulsion Roof Coating

Emulsion Roof Coating

Emulsion Roof Coatings Benefit from Three Layers of Protection.

This type of roof coating tends to work best with concrete decking and metal roofing. It can also apply to single-ply membranes in some cases. A simple and straightforward installation process involves the transfer of liquid coating in tanker trucks, with application through high-pressure pumps.

Multiple Layers: Unlike some roof coatings, asphalt emulsion coatings install across three layers. The first layer consists of a reinforced polyester fabric laid directly into the freshly applied coating. Once this dries, we apply another layer of coating intermixed with fiberglass. At this point, your roof will have waterproof protection that lasts for years. We finally apply a third layer of reflective roof coating to improve the roof’s resilience to UV radiation.

Versatility: The capability to apply on so many types of roofs stands as a hallmark of an emulsion roof coating. If also represents a premier value when compared to other coatings.

Solvent-Free and Waterproof: A lack of solvents makes for an environmentally-friendly application, while the uniformity of the asphalt emulsion renders a roof waterproof.

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