Is it Time for a Roof Replacement?

According to roof experts in Plano, TX, problems such as severe water damage, age, and missing materials are the top 3 reasons for residential roof replacement. However, what degree of damage constitutes a roof replacement? Knowing what sort and how much damage your roof can take can help you decide on the perfect time for a roof replacement.

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An Expert Roofing Team Can Help You Decide Between Roof Replacement and Roof Restoration.

Roof Replacement or Roof Restoration?

While problems like water damage, missing materials, and old age can signal the need for a roof replacement, they can sometimes be repaired with a roof restoration. If you have less than 2 water spots on your roof that are smaller than two feet in diameter, your roof may be a shoe-in for restoration. However, if your roof has large or multiple areas of water damage, a replacement may be the way to go. Other key signs that your roof may need replacement are:

  • Curled or Warped Material: Extensive amounts of material that is curled up or warped cannot be restored. If not replaced, this may lead to leaks and animal entry.
  • Damaged Structure: Once water damage or other threats have made their way to the internal and structural parts of your roof, they will need to be replaced in lieu of restoration. These parts could include beams and base sheeting.
  • Severe Storm Damage: Storm damage that has created holes or severe damage to your roof typically means it’s time for a replacement. The good news? This is usually covered by homeowner’s insurance.
  • Fire Damage: Any measure of fire damage usually constitutes a new roof. This is because fire can damage even hidden and covered areas of your roof, causing structural risk as well as problems with leaks and animal entry.

Local Roof Replacement Experts

If you suspect that your roof may need to be replaced, call the Alpine Roofing Co. experts for a comprehensive roof inspection in the Sparks, NV area. The Alpine Roofing Co. team will walk you through each step of the roof replacement process to ensure that you receive the precise result you expect. We provide guidance and solutions for every budget to ensure that your home is protected on any budget. Call us today at 775.358.7663 to schedule your roof inspection or roof replacement in the Sparks, NV area.