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Foam Roofing

Is your commercial building in need of an updated and more effective roofing system? For an effective and swift roof application, ask about our polyurethane foam roof solutions, which provide a seamless composition and simple installation. Made by mixing polyol and isocyanate, this roof style is sprayed as a liquid onto your roof, and then sealed with an elastomeric top coat for increased durability. Designed specifically for commercial roof systems, this solution offers impressive leak protection because it is seamless, and superior UV protection because of the high shine. Call the pros at 775.358.7663 and ask about Alpine Roofing Co.'s foam roofing installation in Sparks, NV today!

Why Choose A Foam Roof System?

Most commercial roofs are made with several layers of roofing material, and next the seams are sealed in a variety of ways. While roof seams can weaken over time and permit water to seep through, that is no longer a problem when you pick a foam roof system, as it is applied seamlessly. Foam roofing is additionally simple to install around rooftop protrusions such as A/C units and vents, as it is extremely flexible, and can adhere to nearly every surface. A foam roofing installation can continue to last for over 20 years when installed properly, and this lightweight roofing solution requires almost no maintenance.

At Alpine Roofing Company, Inc., we apply spray foam roofing for any structure, regardless of size. We also offer service with spray foam applied as insulation. When you need a reliable, dependable, and highly energy efficient material for your roof, attic, or walls, consider the benefits of spray foam. In use for the past 50 years, spray foam has proven itself as a durable, resilient, cost-effective option for a number of practical uses. Spray foam roofs have actually remained in place for decades, with no sign of deterioration when properly maintained.

Foam Roof Installation Service

We at Alpine Roofing Co. suggest foam roofs as the premier choice for commercial buildings. Foam's cost-effectiveness conserves your money, while the application method happens quickly and without disruption. Those who need an ecologically positive roofing selection should also consider foam. Foam roofing supplies exceptional deflection of UV radiation, a key piece of improved energy efficiency. With improved energy efficiency, you can experience lower bills and decreased demand on the cooling system. Actually, the average business' annual energy expenditure will lessen up to 30 percent due to foam roofing. Phone 775.358.7663 to find out more or set up foam roofing installation in Sparks, NV. We can start the roofing process right away, with a complete review of your present roofing system and general estimate.

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