A Longer Life for Your Commercial Roofing System

A roof is what separates man from beast. The home from the outside elements. The three little piggies from the big bad wolf. It is essential, and unfortunately susceptible to damages if not taken care of properly. Roof coatings are often referred to as “restoration membranes” as they can aid in roof longevity by being applied directly to existing rooftop membranes instead of new roofing installations. They can be used to recoat parapet walls, as partial recoats or applied only over certain areas of your roof. Depending on your roof’s material and the manufacturer of the roof coat, you can create a seamless finish to your roof. If you would like to extend the life of your commercial roofing, here are some information to consider.

Commercial Building Roof Restoration

Increase the longevity of your commercial roof with roof coating restorations!

Here are some benefits of roof coatings:

  • Environmentally Friendly!: In this day and age, we’re all about easing the strain on our planet. Restorations through coating allows for the reuse of previously used roofing materials without throwing them away to the landfills!
  • Save Money: a full blown roofing replacement packs hefty bucks and saving the coins in our piggy bank is much appreciated. Installation time is fast and does not require heavy labor!
  • Sustainable: coating systems are renewable with reflective, waterproof capabilities and lengthening the life of your roof’s life with recoats occurring only every 10 plus years!
  • Reflective: roof coatings are highly reflective and offers UV protection in certain top coats, it adds years of life onto your roof, lowers maintenance costs and cools your building thereby lowering your AC bill!
  • Minimal Construction: during the coating, you wouldn’t need to close your business as there is minimal noise involved and often no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) or odors than can create an ozone when undergoing roof coating.
  • Seamless & Fully Restored Weatherproofing: coating melts together when applied around roof membranes creating a seamless finish that fully seals and waterproofs the roof.

Types of Roof Coatings:

Roof coatings come in a variety of options, a few of which are silicone, acrylic and polyurethane. When it comes to the top two most often used, roof coatings usually implement the first two.

commercial silicone roof coatings: are the most durable of all coatings as they protect your roof from inclement weather with it’s protective membrane, have UV protection and reflects sun rays from your property.

commercial acrylic roof coatings: also acts as a reflective barrier and protects from UV rays, has great cover with a number of different roofing materials including older roofs and protects from storms, debris and dirt.

commercial polyurethane roof coatings: although this material is best known for its quality waterproofing, it also gives protection from corrosion, debris, UV rays, environmental and chemical damages.

Commercial Roofing Systems

Commercial roofing materials are numerous and roof coating manufactures initially developed their products for bituminous roofing such as modified bitumen or traditional build up roofing.

Here are roofing materials that go well with roof coatings:

  • EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer)
  • Concrete
  • Sheet metal
  • Asphalt
  • BUR
  • Mod Bit
  • Hypalon,
  • Single-plies
  • TPO
  • Spray Polyurethane Foam

And some that don’t:

  • *PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
  • Gravel

*Keep in mind, some of these roofs can react well as long as there is a priming layer before the coat.

Commercial roof leak detection:

Roof Leak detection can range in simplicity and difficulty, some ceilings may give a tell tale sign with a water stain whereas some leaks are more hidden.

Here are signs your commercial roof has a leak:

  • Rise in energy costs: insulation is the first area the leak will be absorbed into, this would prevent heat and cold from passing through which would spike up your energy costs.
  • Pests: a leaky roof can attract insects and critters such as ants, cockroaches, termites, and rats.
  • Stains: Ceiling tiles will start to show stains, wood would absorb the water and metal would corrode and rust.
  • Toxic mold: once through the materials of your woof, a toxic mold would develop behind walls and ceilings.

Roof Coatings that can help with roofing leaks:

Not all roof coatings cover roof leaks and specific manufacturers might request that fixtures be made before application. Some may be applied over substrates that act as a protective coating between the roofing material and coating.

elastomeric roof coating: an elastic coating that can stretch and move with your roof and are therefore more forgiving rather than rigid, which increases their durability. The name reflects the polymer in the coating that has elastic qualities of synthetic and natural rubbers. It helps protect and seal underlying roof material which can help prevent leaks and future weathering. Some coating options can additionally cool your roof as well.

epoxy roof coating: can be a waterproof barrier to inclement weather (and be used as an emergency coating) due to it’s watertight elements of bonding.

Metal Sheet Commercial Roof Coating

Roof coatings can be applied on a variety of roofing materials such as metal sheets!

Commercial Roof Coating Systems

Commercial Flat Roof Coatings & Coating Reactions in General:

Certain roof coatings may not work well with your flat room, beware of epoxy and acrylics, some manufacturers have taken past transgressions into consideration and developed coatings in these two categories specifically for flat roofs. For all roof coatings, know that performance is highly dependent on your roofing material. Always check that the coating of your choice lists the available roof material options that it reacts well with.

Be sure to keep in mind that certain roof coatings go well with certain roof materials, or else a substrate or primer may be required. Increase the longevity of your commercial roofing and consider a roofing coat application instead of heavy repairs and replacements. Oftentimes, protective fixtures can be prevented through a roof coat and restorations handled smoothly as well!

Contact our licensed roofing contractors at Alpine Roofing Co. today at 775.358.7663 for an estimate on your roof coating in Sparks, NV! You can also schedule an appointment with us to learn more about exceptional roof coatings for your commercial building.

What is Foam Roofing?

A Roofing Contractor Is Using a Spray Gun To Install Spray Foam Roofing

Foam Roofing is One of the Best Commercial Roofing Systems Out There.

As a business owner, you know that one of the most important aspects of your building is the roofing system. This is because our roofs are able to protect us against inclement weather and keep us comfortable and safe from outside elements. While these are important reasons why roofing is important, it’s also vital to note that commercial roofing ensures that productivity at our businesses stays on track. Because a commercial roof is so important, it’s essential to have the very best roofing material installed. There are many types of commercial roofs on the market, but one of the most popular is foam roofing. A foam roof is a very durable commercial roof that can also be used for insulation. If you want to know more about foam roofing, we have compiled a list of questions that are frequently asked about foam roofs.

What is SPF roofing?

SPF roofing, or spray polyurethane foam roofing, is a roofing system that has no seams. Spray foam roofing and foam roofing are the same roofs, so you can use both names interchangeably. An SPF roof is made from isocyanate and polyol, which creates the foam. The way that you install this type of roof is using a spray gun to coat the roof, vents, pipes, and all of the different components you’ll find on the roof. Some of the biggest questions that people will ask about spray foam roofing are “Is foam roofing green?” and “Can you walk on a foam roof?” The answer to both of these questions is yes.

A spray foam roof is green because the roofing material never has to be replaced. With most commercial roofs, you will need to tear them off and replace them with a new material; this can be very bad for the environment as some commercial roofing systems are not recyclable. However, when commercial property owners choose foam roofing, they don’t have to worry about having to replace their roof at all. Not only that, a foam roof doesn’t have any chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs, has little VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), and it provides your roof with excellent insulation, so you are able to save on heating and cooling costs.

Many times you will hear that you aren’t allowed to walk on a foam roof, but this simply is not true. A foam roof is able to hold about 60 pounds of weight per square inch, so there is no need to worry that you will damage the roof if you have to walk on it. It’s important to note that if something sharp does puncture the spray foam roofing, it will need to be repaired. It is very durable, but that type of damage can really hurt it.

Is Foam Roofing Worth It?

When considering another type of roof for your commercial roof, it’s always important to do your research and figure out the advantages of said roof. Some of the things you will need to know in order to make an educated decision are “How long does spray foam roofing last?” and “How much does it cost foam a roof?”

When a foam roof is properly maintained, it can last up to 50 years or longer. In terms of commercial roofing systems, this is excellent. Typical commercial roofing like built up roofing lasts 10 to 15 years and a metal roof can last up to 40. However, the metal material that is used for a commercial roof is going to depend on how long it lasts, as well as the climate that you live in. While foam roofs last an incredibly long time, they should be re-coated and cleaned every 5 to 10 years. In regards to cost, commercial property owners can expect to pay between $2 to $6 per square foot for the material. Because of how fast the installation process is, the cost of installation is relatively low.

The cost and life expectancy of a roof are extremely important when considering a roof, but it’s also important to know about its other beneficial traits. Below are of the benefits of foam roofing

  • They Are Seamless: When a roofing material is seamless, it means it is better at reducing roof leaks.
  • SPF Roofing is Versatile: This is important as it can be installed onto any type of roof from flat, low-sloped, and pitched roofing. It even works on old and new roofs.
  • They Are Very Flexible: Usually when a roof expands and contracts, it can affect the building; because a foam roof is flexible, it can endure expanding and contracting without ruining the roof or structure of the building.
  • Installation is Easy: While some roof installations can take a long time and can be incredibly noisy, a spray foam roof is very fast and because it is sprayed, there is not hammering or drilling anything in the roof.
  • It Has a Great R-Value: The R-value is the value of the insulation material. Foam roofs have the highest R-value around.
  • Don’t Have to Tear it Off: When a roofing system has reached its lifespan, they are usually torn off and replaced; with spray foam, you don’t have to tear it off at all and just reapply a coating.
  • It’s Eco-Friendly: Because you don’t have to tear the roof off and because it is the highest R-value, it is considered a very eco-friendly roofing system.

How To Fix Foam Roofing

While a foam roof is incredibly sturdy, it is important that it gets recoated every 5 to 10 years. If you don’t have a spray foam roof recoated, you can have issues like blisters on the foam, separation from the foam and the roof, holes, water seepage, uplifting, ponding water, and more. The way that your roofing contractor can take care of these issues is by cutting and removing damaged areas, patch areas that are damaged, and re-foam. Whether you need commercial AC repair or spray foam roofing repair, it’s important to always call a professional. If you need spray foam roofing in Sparks, NV, call the expert roofers at Alpine Roofing Co. to help you! You can reach us by calling our office at 775.358.7663.

Is it Time for a Roof Replacement?

According to roof experts in Plano, TX, problems such as severe water damage, age, and missing materials are the top 3 reasons for residential roof replacement. However, what degree of damage constitutes a roof replacement? Knowing what sort and how much damage your roof can take can help you decide on the perfect time for a roof replacement.

We Provide Comprehensive Damage Inspection for the Best Decision Possible.

An Expert Roofing Team Can Help You Decide Between Roof Replacement and Roof Restoration.

Roof Replacement or Roof Restoration?

While problems like water damage, missing materials, and old age can signal the need for a roof replacement, they can sometimes be repaired with a roof restoration. If you have less than 2 water spots on your roof that are smaller than two feet in diameter, your roof may be a shoe-in for restoration. However, if your roof has large or multiple areas of water damage, a replacement may be the way to go. Other key signs that your roof may need replacement are:

  • Curled or Warped Material: Extensive amounts of material that is curled up or warped cannot be restored. If not replaced, this may lead to leaks and animal entry.
  • Damaged Structure: Once water damage or other threats have made their way to the internal and structural parts of your roof, they will need to be replaced in lieu of restoration. These parts could include beams and base sheeting.
  • Severe Storm Damage: Storm damage that has created holes or severe damage to your roof typically means it’s time for a replacement. The good news? This is usually covered by homeowner’s insurance.
  • Fire Damage: Any measure of fire damage usually constitutes a new roof. This is because fire can damage even hidden and covered areas of your roof, causing structural risk as well as problems with leaks and animal entry.

Local Roof Replacement Experts

If you suspect that your roof may need to be replaced, call the Alpine Roofing Co. experts for a comprehensive roof inspection in the Sparks, NV area. The Alpine Roofing Co. team will walk you through each step of the roof replacement process to ensure that you receive the precise result you expect. We provide guidance and solutions for every budget to ensure that your home is protected on any budget. Call us today at 775.358.7663 to schedule your roof inspection or roof replacement in the Sparks, NV area.

Commercial Building Damage

Commercial Damages

There Are Preventative Services You Can Get To Stop Commercial Damages.

As a business owner, you need your commercial building to stay at its best. When commercial damage occurs, it can impede your daily traffic and business, forcing you to deal with loud construction noise or having to close your doors while your building is fixed. While this is a less than ideal situation to have to deal with, you may wonder what exactly you can do in order to prevent the need for extensive repairs. There are in fact some services and steps you can take to prevent commercial damages on your property.

Prevention Through Services

By keeping up with your maintenance and attaining preventative services, you can make sure your commercial building is always at its best and does not have extensive damage. These services are not uncommon and should be done regularly in order for the best effectiveness.

  • Plumbing Maintenance: According to this California plumber, commercial plumbing does not receive a huge focus, but it should as it is critical to ensure your plumbing stays at its best for your business.
  • HVAC service: Having a heating and air conditioning technician service your system allows them to make sure the system runs efficiently and repair or recharge your system as needed.
  • Roof Restoration: If you have noticed commercial damages on your system, restoration is a service that will allow your roof to not only be repaired but fortify it against future storms
  • Regular inspections: Inspections give you a way to prevent small issues from turning into big problems further down the line.

By taking these steps you can keep your business running year round and keep it safe from harm. Need to get started on roof restoration today? Alpine Roofing Co. is here to help, providing expert roofing services for your commercial building. Give us a call today at 775.358.7663 for your roof restoration in Sparks, NV.

3 Top Causes of Flat Roof Damage (And Avoiding Them)

Flat Roof Damage

Ponding Water Speeds Up Corrosion and Leads to Serious Leak Problems.

There are countless potential causes of damage for commercial roofing systems. While most people tend to point towards hail strikes and extreme wind as the usual suspects, much of the flat roof damage inflicted on your business is created by these three top causes. Here’s a break down of each hazard, plus how to address it.

Roof Hazard #1: Ponding Water

One of the most powerful forces in the world is torrential rain, but standing water offers its fair share of rooftop trauma. First, ponding water can accelerate the corrosion process, slowly degrading the top layer of your roofing materials. If the excess moisture isn’t allowed to drain properly, water seeps into any cracks or fissures it can find to create interior roof damage, which can be very expensive to remedy. To fight this rooftop hazard, make sure your roof has sufficient draining and have your system checked annually for degradation. Silicone, polyurea, or an emulsion coating are also very helpful for waterproofing your rooftop.

Roof Hazard #2: Foreign Debris

You’d be surprised at the variety of debris that wind can toss up on your roof. Debris can easily become stuck on your rooftop and adhere to the material. This can deteriorate any painting and top layer material after a while, which speeds the development of leaks. Some roofing materials are better at resisting these “cling-ons,” but most elastomeric coatings are particularly effective no matter what flat roof type you have.

Roof Hazard #3: Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation

UV rays are the most constant degrading force that damages your roof each day. The radiation degrades paint and weakens the integrity of roofing material. On top of that, UV rays that penetrate into the interior of your building corrupt conditioned air and force your HVAC system to work harder to compensate. You can fight this energy waste by making your rooftop more reflective. Specialized paints and several types of roof coatings (especially acrylics) can help you accomplish this.

For more information about flat roof damage, reflective roofing materials, or rooftop coatings, feel free to talk with one of our industry experts at 775.358.7663.

Myths About Foam Roofing

With so many roofing choices out there, it is important that you know all about the different types of materials that can be used. One of the top quality roofing materials that can be used are foam roofing. There are many misconceptions out there about foam roofing and how it works. Foam used to be used in the 1960’s inside of refrigerators, but once people realized the way it worked and how protecting it was, they decided that it could work on roofs too. Over the years and because of its appeared “newness”, these foam roofs have developed a few myths that often need to be cleared up. They are mentioned below.

The Myths

Walking On It – When you get your roof done with spray foam, people often think there is no way that you can walk on it again. That, however, is not the case. You can walk on spray foam roofs because they are very strong. But just like with many other roofs, if something sharp happens to fall on or push through this material, it can damage and puncture a hole in the roof.

Don’t Last – A spray foam roof will actually last on a roof for around 50 years. That is a long time and actually stands up next to many of its competition very well. It is a great choice to put on your commercial roof.

If you are thinking about getting a spray foam roof for your commercial building, call Alpine Roofing Co. at 775.358.7663 and we can help you right away.

Silicone Vs. Acrylic Roof Coatings

You’ve decided to get a spray coating to extend the life of your roof, great! But there are so many options! We can help you narrow down your choices by showing you the differences between two of the most popular roof coating types: silicone and acrylic roof coatings.


If You Need Silicone or Acrylic Roof Coatings, We Are Your Roofers

  • Water-based acrylic roof coatings can’t hold pooling water because the formula is made out of water
  • Can only be applied in certain weather, as too much humidity will cause the water-based acrylic coating to wash off or evaporate
  • Most cost-effective roof coating available out of all the types, but requires multiple coatings that can add up
  • Highly reflective and UV resistant
  • Easy to work with
  • Works great with cool roofs
  • Heat resistant
  • Fungus and mildew resistant
  • If acrylic is elastomeric-based, it can be applied over asphalt, metal, or single-ply roofing
  • Shorter lifespan than other coatings
  • Very elastic and can be stretched further across buildings to morph to curves


  • Only needs one coat
  • Waterproof
  • Can withstand strong UV exposure
  • Dries, or “cures” in 24 hours
  • Can be applied in any weather
  • Loses reflectivity over time
  • Hard to re-coat a roof with silicone since silicone does not adhere easily. When it comes time for reapplication, the first layer must either be completely removed or re-coated
  • Used for places with high traffic, like roadways, walkways, or roofs that see a lot of damage


If you need silicone or acrylic roof coatings in Sparks, NV, contact Alpine Roofing Co. at 775.358.7663 for coating applications.

Tips for Metal Roof Touch Ups

Pine Needles Tucked into a Gutter

These Tips for Metal Roof Touch Ups Will Extend Your Roof’s Lifetime.

Spring is upon us, and now is the perfect time for a quick self-inspection on your metal roof. While metal roofing is tough and rarely requires significant maintenance, you can still extend your roof’s lifetime with an easy bi-annual DIY checkup. Here are some tips to help you on your metal roof touch ups.

Fetch Some Binoculars

Your first step on your checkup list is a short walk around the house. With a pair of specs (or just your eyes if you have keen vision), examine your rooftop for debris, scrapes, metal chips, and smudges. Be on the lookout for loose screws or tiles, as these can lead to more serious repairs if not taken care of quickly. Once you’ve finished your walk, it will be time for a little cleanup.

Grab a Trash Bag

With a trash bag in hand, you can start removing leaves, twigs, and other debris from your rooftop and gutters. If your rooftop is too steep to climb, you can use a hose instead to wash the debris into the drain. Many homeowners overlook the gutters when cleaning off their rooftop, but this can lead to corrosion later on. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake!

Use a Paint Brush

Those scratches and metal chips are gonna need a little manufacturer-approved paint. After carefully removing any metal chips, take your paint brush (not a spray can) and gently apply spot treatments to the affected areas. Taking care of these areas now will help prevent your roof from rusting.

Apply a Wet Cloth

All that’s left is to wipe away any grease or dirt smudges with a cloth! Some Formula 409 will usually do the trick! For tougher grime, you can use a solution of water, household bleach, and dish soap.

Congratulations! You’re done. With these simple metal roof touch ups, you’ll protect your roof from rusting and corrosion. It probably looks pretty too! For more ways to extend the life of your metal roof, contact us at 775.358.7663.

Why You Need a Roof Inspection

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Every home has a roof. This is the first line of defense against weather and basically everything else. It must be taken care of in order to remain strong and healthy. It is recommended that you get a roof inspection done once every year. Many people do not get their roof inspected every year for a few reasons. They don’t think it is necessary, especially if they have a newer roof. They find that it is expensive and not worth the money. There are many more reasons that people can find to not have their roof inspection done, but the truth is, that your roof is one of the most important things in your home and it should be taken care of and looked after just like you would look after yourself and go to the doctor for a check-up.

Why You Need One

Peace Of Mind – For you to have some kind of peace of mind when it comes to your roof is very important. You shouldn’t have to constantly worry about your roof and if there will be something wrong with it. When it is looked after once a year with an inspection, there isn’t a bunch of time for your roof to have major damage and end up having to have large repairs or a roof replacement.

Warranty – If there is a warranty that came with your roof, the company might require you to get a roof inspection done once a year to keep it valid. They do this to protect you and themselves from having to come out of pocket, large amounts of money if something major happens to your roof.

If you need a roof inspection right away, call at 775.358.7663 and let us send you a professional right away.

The Benefit of Leak Detection

Leaks are a concern for all roofs. Under the right–or wrong–conditions, even a sturdy roof can develop roof leaks. That’s why there are roof leak detection services. If you fear that your roof has a leak, or it has been some time since your roofing system has been checked and you just want to be sure things are dry, then you need professional leak detection.

Industrial Leak Detection and Inspection

Roofer Working with Line

Commercial Leak Detection

Roof leak detection services are part of a well-rounded roof maintenance plan. Your roof should be inspected once or twice per year, particularly if it is a very large industrial roof. For your commercial and industrial roofing system, you probably need flat roof detection services. Leaks on a large business roof can be catastrophic if they’re not discovered in time. They can go unseens and develop very quickly into much more expensive problems.

Having your commercial roof checked for leaks and other sources of excess moisture can extend the life of your roof system. It is best to have these services performed by a commercial and industrial roof specialist with all the expertise and equipment necessary to tend to your roof system needs. Leak detection involves comprehensive checks and testing, and the repairs most certainly need professional expertise.

When was the last time your business’ roof was checked for leaks? They are not always obvious, and they can grow to more serious problems fast. But, Don’t try to find them yourself. Let the professionals handle it. Call Alpine Roofing Co., Inc. at 775.358.7663 for roof leaks detection in Sparks, NV.